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Crown Catchup (3/8/22)

  • Why not one more source to show how crazy Saturday was? Camp Nou got nothing on us.

  • May have gone overlooked/forgotten for some, but this really was an odd situation. 74,000 backup singers are a good thing to have though.

  • Was a big night for Jaylin Lindsey, the Charlotte native.

  • New winger on the horizon? Could be big for a team struggling to score.

  • Finally, sporting director Zoran Krneta with some thoughts on the home opener and the rebuild. Ends with a promise:

“It’s incredible,” Krneta said. “I feel pride. Together with others, we created a legacy. We created a club that will be a major force in MLS, it will be the pillar of soccer in North and South Carolina. It will be a club that every American, and everybody in MLS, will be proud of.”

We're all hoping that comes to pass. Be back in a few as we gear up for the Atlanta game!

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