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The Crown Cast: The New Place!

It's bittersweet that I say goodbye to Banks, Beer, and Soccer. When I started this, I doubted anyone would actually read what I had to say. To all those who did, thank you so much. With that said, I am incredibly excited to be joining the Crown Cast and am so eager for you all to see the content we'll be producing there!

As I've joined the guys--Logan and Justin--over there for their podcast, we agreed that it just made sense to join forces. While Banks, Beer, and Soccer will stay up for the old content, I will be posting all new content at None of the content that I post will change--you will still see too long previews and posts with lots of numbers! By joining Logan and Justin, though, we will have a one-stop shop for all things Charlotte FC, from posts to interviews to podcasts.

If you are someone who has come to the blog once, twice, or all the time, I just want to give a sincere THANK YOU. To even have one person interact with the content I produced has been amazing; to have as many of you as have interacted is still quite unbelievable to me.

I hope that you will follow me over to the new site. As always, CROWNS UP!

--Josh aka Banks, Beer, and Soccer aka Socks at Half Mast

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