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Welcome, and is anyone here?

Updated: Mar 9, 2022

To begin: I’m a transplant. I moved to Charlotte in the summer of 2020 from DC, right in the middle of the pandemic. Although it was a planned move by myself and my wife, as we both told our jobs before the pandemic hit that we would be leaving, it obviously wasn't the greatest time to have a big move. We were set on Charlotte, though. After visiting some cities in 2019, we decided on Charlotte for a number of reasons: 1) it was warm, 2) it was close to family, and 3) it had good beer.

Charlotte also had one more advantage, at least for me. As a ‘90s kid who loved baseball, I grew up an Atlanta fan. I was so excited to finally be in Atlanta country (I won’t talk about how I couldn’t actually watch a game during the regular season last year due to the RSN fiasco with providers…). During a trip down to Atlanta a few years ago, my wife and I attended an Atlanta United game and were blown away. I had been to a Sounders game a few years prior to that, but I hadn’t expected Atlanta to match the atmosphere I felt in Seattle. I was glad to be wrong. In moving to Charlotte, we decided to get into MLS. We already followed the Premier League and Series A (Arsenal fan thanks to a college roommate and friend, Roma fan thanks to the wonders that were Totti and De Rossi). We figured following the closest MLS team would be great! Then Charlotte FC was announced.

We dove headfirst. Season tickets in the supports section. Check. Joining a supports club (shoutout Mint City Collective!). Check. Buying way too much gear. Check.

The one aspect though that was missing, at least to me, was a blog to follow. When I dive into sports or a team, I DIVE in. I have been a follower of SB Nation blogs for over a decade now and have loved the content that most provide. Anytime I started following a team, I found the blog for them. I find it refreshing to read stories and articles written by persons who very much follow a team, rather than a national narrative. Thus, I was very disappointed to find that not only was there no SB Nation blog for Charlotte FC, but there wouldn’t be one. There is a moratorium, apparently, on any new MLS blogs for them. So here we are…

I say all this as way of introduction to myself and to explain why I am creating this. I’ve never done anything like this before and I have no idea how good I’ll be at it. I also have no idea how many people will ever see this, but, after seeing over 74,000 people show up, I figured there might be others like me who want this kind of content. Finally, I am also very much new to MLS. I’ll be the first to admit that I haven’t followed it super closely. I am working to change this, but this is very much the perspective of a new following for a new club (albeit one that has watched international soccer for years).

I have 4 primary, initial goals for this blog:

  1. Game recaps

  2. Game previews

  3. Player profiles/analysis

  4. News

If you have interest in any of those, I invite you to check here often and read. My personal goal is about 4-5 posts a week, though we’ll have to see how life goes.

Welcome to Banks, Beer, and Soccer.*

—Socks at Half Mast


*As a quick aside, I know there has been some controversy over the “Banks, Beer, and Soccer” chant. Maybe it is because I’m a transplant, but I’ve found it great. I know some have taken it to be a glorification of banks, but that’s not how I read it. I see it as self-deprecating. To be honest, outside of Charlotte, it is known as a place with a ton of banks. As such, I am clearly embracing it. If you are someone who hasn’t liked it, I would encourage you to see it as such; it may change your opinion. If it doesn't, I hope you won't hold it against me too much. Thankfully, I think we can all agree on the beer and soccer part!

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